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Greenlaning with TriCounty

What is Green Laning?

Green laning is the driving of the many unsurfaced tracks and roads throughout the countryside that have vehicular rights. Some of these, date back thousands of years connecting farms, villages and market towns, but during the early 20th century most roads were covered with hard surfaces. Some of them (not many unfortunately) escaped this fate and still have Vehicular Rights of Way today. These tracks, roads are usually known as

BOAT – Byway open to all traffic. RUPP – Road used as public path. UCR’s – Unclassified country roads.

Not all Rupps have vehicular rights of way so you must be sure that they do before you drive them, also you may come across Byways that have TRO’s on them this is a Traffic Regulation order which restricts vehicles from driving them.

Green Laning with TriCounty

TriCounty will be organising regulat Green Laning days, where our resident green lane expert Clive will be taking those ready willing and with just the right air of nutcase about them, out on the highways and byways of the local area to make sure they are well aquainted with the adrenalin rush of a near death experience.

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